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The Story of the Redskins Name

A young Person's historic journey to

understand the NFL's  proudest team name

"I was on the fence as to whether the name was a racial slur.  But after my interview with Andre, I came away completely convinced that those who view the name as being a derogatory slur against Native Americans  truly lack an understanding of the history of the team as well as the history of the word  “Redskin” itself. The book is written as a children’s book, but it is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to really understand why the entire name controversy is bogus."

Dan Joseph, MRC T.V.

"This is an amazing story about how the Washington Redskins got their name." Dennis

"Very interesting.  I never knew how they got the name. If more people knew this they would not feel so offended." Delphine McCarthy

"I freely admit I have always considered the Washington Redskins' team name to be one of honor, to honorably wear that name out of respect for the warriors of this nation. If you listen to this, watch it, you will appreciate the author's research and the evidence he brings to light. I have a new appreciation for Redskins from the earliest part of my nation's history. I have read the biographies of many notable Indians of the past in my nation's history. I freely admit I was totally unprepared for what I learned here. If you appreciate history this is worth your time. IMHO."  Wayne Plath